Boosting Cell Phones Signal Coverage For Business

    Mobile Boosters Your building will be covered in a clear and quick manner thanks to Mobile Boosters. This is crucial for both personnel and visitors so they can conduct their business while enjoying the advantages of a strong mobile signal for calls and quicker mobile data downloads. What advantages does faster mobile data […]

Vodacom Signal Problems Do Exist

Vodacom Signal Problems Do Exist     Vodacom customers in South Africa are dealing with a variety of signal issues, and some are unable to use their phones to access the internet. During load shedding and sometimes in remote and farming areas., they have recently seen numerous connection drops, and they have complained about it […]

Load Shedding

Load shedding Signal Boosters Beat load shedding! While everyone suffers from the typical effects of load shedding, such as dark homes and cold food, the loss of network and Internet connectivity becomes an increasingly serious issue during periods of higher outages, such as stage four to six load shedding.    The term “load shedding” is […]

Boosting a Cell Phone Signal using a Panel Antenna

Boosting a Cell Phone Signal using a Panel Antenna A directional antenna, like a panel, is an antenna that only sends and receives radio signals in one direction. Compared to a yagi antenna, which typically has a narrow transmission beam, a panel antenna’s larger beam enables the signal to cover a wider region. Because it […]

All About 3G and 3G Mobile Signal Boosters

All About 3G Mobile Signal Boosters  The massive growth in the mobile industry over recent years has resulted in major changes to both the type and bandwidth capacity of today’s mobile network signals. Nevertheless, old mobile network technology is still in widespread use in many areas. One of the older technology is the 3G network, […]