Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

  1. Attention
  2. Privacy Policy
  3. Prohibitions
  4. Intellectual Property, Software and Content
  5. Terms of Sale
  6. Our Contract
  7. Availability and Pricing
  8. Payment
  9. Website Linking
  10. Trademarks, Images, Personalities and Third-Party Copyright Disclaimer
  11. Indemnity
  12. Variation
  13. Complaints
  14. Entire Agreement

1. Attention

The responsibility for the use of signal boosters is on the customer. In the event that you have specific requests related to product registration, advice can be provided. However, it is beyond our scope of responsibility if the signal booster isn’t allowed within certain areas or premises.

This online shop is owned and operated by NV Products Ltd and are following based upon the UK Law requirements. All points listed herein are all clear. Your relationship Wave Boosters is governed by this document. All types of access and use of the website, including products and services made available to this online shop (collectively, the products) are all subject to the website’s Terms of Service (terms and conditions). By accessing our website, using our services and products, implies your acceptance of these Terms of Service, and you may be notified by us regularly in the event some changes took effect in our Terms of Service. It is your responsibility to check back on this page regularly for any changes made to the Terms of Service.

All types of website access are granted to everyone temporarily. All rights to access the site can be withdrawn or changed without prior notice. We will not be held liable if the website becomes unavailable at any time. We may also restrict access to some pages or areas of our website regularly.

2. Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy talks about how we intend to use your information and it can be discussed here. You agree that all types of data and information provided when using our website is accurate and that by proceeding the use of our website gives us your consent.

3. Prohibitions

By using our website, you agree to these terms. Misuse of this website is prohibited. You agree not to: common or perform anything that can lead to any criminal offence; you will not distribute or transmit malicious files such as worm, virus, trojan, logic bomb that is considered digitally harmful, breaching the website’s security or in any way that’s obscene; corrupt information and data; hack into the system or other aspects of the website and service; lead annoyance and cause it to other users; copyright infringement; submit spam materials such as advertising or any other promotional materials; or try to compromise the service and website by attempting to access computer facilities or website servers that could affect the overall functionality and performance of this website. Breaching any of the above-mentioned provisions will result in a criminal offence reported directly to the relevant law authorities, including your identity to these reports.

We will not be held accountable for any damage or cause as a result of viruses, digitally harmful files and materials or denial-of-service attack that may potentially corrupt your files, programs, or computer equipment, or any other exclusive data while using or downloading files from our website, or any other website linked from ours.

4. Intellectual Property, Software and Content

All intellectual property and its rights made available to you from our website, including but not limited to images, remains to be owned by us and/or has been obtained via a licensing agreement and are protected by global copyright laws. All rights are reserved to the company, its licensors. All content found on this website can be downloaded, printed and used for personal purposes. You do not have the rights to publish, change, reproduce or use otherwise for commercial or business use.

5. Terms of Sale

By using this website and by placing an order, you agree to the purchase of a mobile phone signal booster and are subject to these terms of use and conditions. All orders made on the website are still subject to product availability and final order price confirmation.

Take note that refurbished products posted on our online shop already come with a discounted price, the use of coupon codes for these items are not allowed.

Shipping, dispatch times and delivery are subject to availability. Any form delays caused by third party postal services is beyond on responsibility.

You must be at least 18 years old or above to perform a transaction with Wave Boosters, and must have a valid debit or credit card from an acceptable issuing bank. We reserve the right to decline demands or requests. Once your order has been accepted, we will send you an email notification along with a confirmation that your order has been received. When placing an order from our website, you confirm that all details are correct, that you have the authorization to use either a credit or debit card that has been used in placing your order, and that you have enough credit or funds to cover the total price upon order checkout.

You, the customer, assumes responsibility to check network coverage before a product purchase. Wave Boosters will not be held responsible if the customer chose a product that’s not suited to run or function properly in his/her property or chosen area.

5.1. Our Contract

By placing your order, you will receive an email from us acknowledging and confirming your order receipt. This e-mail constitutes our acknowledgement and doesn’t draft your order acceptance. No contract will take place without order acceptance and without our email acknowledging our receipt of order and that items have been dispatched and forwarded to the courier service. Only products that have been sent in the confirmation email will be included in the bond or contract.

5.2. Availability and Pricing

While we try to keep all our item details, prices and descriptions that appear on our online shop are accurate, minor errors and some changes may occur. In the event that we’ve found out errors related to the overall cost of the products from your order, we will immediately let you know of this error and allow you to either cancel or reconfirm the order with the current and correct price. Failure to get in touch with you or receive a response from you permits us to cancel the order. Full refunds will be provided to those who have paid in full and have decided to cancel their order.

5.3. Payment

As soon as we have received an order from a customer, we perform various authorization check procedures the card you’ve used to make sure that there is sufficient amount to cover the cost of item(s) and to fulfil the order. Upon authorization, your card will be charged and the money debited from your card shall be considered as a deposit towards the overall value of the goods you’ve placed on our website. Once your order has been dispatched and forwarded to the postal service, along with the shipping confirmation sent to your email, the said amount paid as a deposit will then be treated as the total value of item(s) you’ve purchased from our website, as confirmed and listed in the email you’ve received from us.

6. Website Linking

You may link to our website home page, given that you perform these under legal and fair actions, and will not, in any way cause damage to our company. Linking to our website doesn’t entail any association with you or any form of endorsement. Establishing a link to our home page must only be done from a website you own or manage. You may not link any other pages from our website other than the home page, should not be used on any other site. We reserve the right to retract all linking permissions without prior notice.

7. Trademarks, Images, Personalities and Third-Party Copyright Disclaimer

All persons, legal names, images, content, third party trademarks, services, and/or locations published on this website are not linked, affiliated or associated with our online shop unless fully stated otherwise. Any names and trademarks published on this website are reserved to the corresponding trademark owners. Any mention of trademarks or brand names on this website is solely used to identify and/or describe a product and doesn’t entail association with products and services, or are connected to Wave Boosters.

8. Indemnity

By using our site, you agree to defend, indemnify and cause no harm to our website, the staff, owners, directors, employees, agents, officers, affiliates from third party damages, liability, claims and/or costs such as legal fees due to your use of the website or when caught in violation of the Terms of Service.

9. Variation

Wave Boosters reserves the right to remove, change or alter the content found on our Services Page, or other pages on this website.

If any statements or parts of the Terms of Service indicated on our website is considered to be unenforceable, including any provisions where we are not held liable for any actions taken on the website, the enforceability of all the other clauses and statements indicated in our Terms of Service will remain unaffected. As much as possible, any clause or sub-clause can be divided to still contribute and consider the remaining parts to be valid and true. Alternatively, you also acknowledge that the clause/sub-clause shall be changed and rendered in a way that closely mirrors the fundamental message and meaning of the clause/sub-clause as sanctioned by the authority.

10. Complaints

All complaints undergo a certain handling method which involves resolving disputes as soon as we can upon the first time it arises. If you have any comments or complaints, please bring it to our attention.

If any of the conditions listed on this website is breached and no action is taken from our end, we still reserve the right and are entitled to use this to reprimand or provide remedies during these situations where our terms have been breached.

11. Entire Agreement

The above-mentioned Terms of Service is considered to supersede all previous and/or current agreement that you have between Wave Boosters. All types of waiver of the provision on the website’s Terms of Service will only be considered valid and effective only if done in written form with the Director’s signature affixed.