All About 3G and 3G Mobile Signal Boosters

All About 3G Mobile Signal Boosters 

The massive growth in the mobile industry over recent years has resulted in major changes to both the type and bandwidth capacity of today’s mobile network signals. Nevertheless, old mobile network technology is still in widespread use in many areas. One of the older technology is the 3G network, which is still widely used throughout Europe where 4G and 5G networks have yet to offer nationwide coverage.

The 3G network is used for voice and data services and like any other type of mobile signal, strength and availability are essential for a seamless connection. However, regardless of how many cell towers a provider installs, there always appear to be issues with network connectivity in multiple locations. This is why 3G signal boosters are becoming more and more popular. With a 3G booster, a mobile user can enjoy a strong network connection both inside and outside of a building.

Reasons To Boost The 3G Signal

You might be thinking about why boosting the 3G signal in your vicinity is important, so let’s discuss some of the key reasons. First of all, voice call clarity is guaranteed to improve dramatically when the coverage area and strength of a 3G signal is amplified. Furthermore, you can access faster data transfer speed for better mobile internet browsing. If you struggle to watch YouTube videos on your smartphone due to weak 3G signals, a booster could make a big difference.

How A 3G Signal Booster Works

A typical 3G mobile signal booster consists of three core components: interior antenna, amplifier and exterior antenna. The exterior antenna is installed in a location where at least one bar of stable mobile signal is detectable, as this signal is the one received from the network provider’s base tower that required amplification. The outside antenna both receives and transmits cellular data to the nearest mobile signal tower.


The 3G signal that the exterior antenna receives is then amplified by the repeater situated inside your house, bus, car, or even boat. The amplified signal ensures better mobile reception in all areas of a property including the corners of basement bedrooms. The signal is transferred to the interior antenna, which is transmitted to boost signal coverage over all areas of a building. The 3G signal booster provides better network connectivity and speed for all mobile-connected devices, including smartphones and tablets. The boosted signal ensures you can use your devices without any frustrating buffering screens, dropped calls or delayed text messages. Invest in our 3G amplifier today and wave goodbye to searching for “network hot spots” in your home.


Select The Right 3G Signal Boosters

Choosing the right 3G amplifier mainly depends on whether you want to use it in a stationary or mobile setting. In a stationary setting, such as a home, repeaters can be used to extend the range of the signal. No matter if you live in a small apartment or work in a rural office, you can find a 3G booster designed to match your needs.


Some types of 3G boosters are specifically designed to increase the distance of coverage. Repeaters can be used to increase the signal range to a distance exceeding 300 square meters, making them ideal for garages, cafeterias, small offices, and small apartments. Another type of 3G signal repeater is designed for mid-sized areas and can increase the range of a signal to over 500 square meters. These types are great for offices, apartments, family homes and small office blocks.

A third type of repeater is capable of providing mobile signal coverage to areas well over 600 meters squared. Such devices are best for residential buildings and large business premises, such as supermarkets, shopping centres, universities, and car parks.


If you are not sure what type of 3G signal booster is best for your use-case, be sure to contact our customer service team, who are based in the UK and ready to help 24/7.


No More Weak Signals


Weak mobile signals present a massive hindrance to communications in many many ways, including when you need to make an important personal call to family or friends, or when you are working remotely and sharing data with HQ. Some of the reasons for poor 3G signals include the distance from cell towers, geographical barriers, and artificial barriers (skyscrapers, construction sites, etc). There are often cases where all you need to do to get a strong signal is to go outside a building or onto the roof of a building.


The great thing about weak signals is that with the right equipment they can be boosted. At Mobile Accessories, we sell a wide range of 3G amplifiers that are designed to put an end to dropped calls and buffering streams. In the era of YouTube, social media networks, mobile catch-up television, video on demand and virtual business conferences, strong, stable, reliable mobile internet connections are vital. Our 3G signal boosters can give your mobile network signal the boost needed to provide a stable, fast connection to your home and office.

All of our products come custom packaged to match your specific needs. We ensure we include all the accessories and installation guides you need to set up a system to provide optimal mobile signal coverage.

What’s more, we are always here to answer any questions or concerns you have. Our dedicated customer care team can help you resolve all installation and commissioning issues. So, why not invest in one of our 3G amplifiers today and start benefiting from stable, fast mobile internet and voice calls regardless of your location.

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