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Coax Cables


The Coaxial cable is crafted from a combination of superior material to stand even higher temperature, this gives the coaxial cable the ability to stand the test of time.

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Coax cables are high standard radio frequency signal transmission cables.

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Our cables are state of the art high quality copper coaxial cables that are designed specifically for sustained high performance of our antennas, repeaters, amplifiers and boosters.

If the length of these cables is longer than required during installation, it may lead to a significant amount of signal loss. We highly recommend you consult our Technical Support before making any purchase you are unsure of.

Technical Specifications

General Characteristics

Inner Conductor BC
Conductor Dia. 1.12 +/-0.02 mm
Min. Break Strength 453 N
Insulation Foam P.E
Insulation Dia. 2.95 +/-0.15 mm
Color Black
Centricity ≥ 85%
Adhesion 10 to 100N @ 25 mm
Shielding AL/P-Foil (Bonded)
Foil overlap ≥ 120 %
Outer Conductor TC Wire Braid
Coverage 90 +/-3%
Jacket FR-PVC
Outer Dia. 4.95 +/-0.15mm

Mechanical Characteristics

Min. Bending Radius:
Installation 12.7 mm
Repeated 50.8 mm
Max. Pulling Tension 245
Crush resistance of cable (load of 700N) < 1 %
Rated Temperature
Storage/operating temperature -40~+85℃
Outdoor Installation -40~+85℃

Electrical Characteristics

Impedance 50± 2 ohm
Capacitance 78pF/m
Velocity ratio 84%
DCR: Inner Conductor < 17.6 ohm/km
DCR: Outer Conductor < 16.1 ohm/km
Jacket Sparker 3000 V RMS
Dielectric Strength 1000 V DC
Insulation resistance > 10,000МΩ·km
Peak Power 2.5 KW
Shielding Effectiveness >90 dB
VSWR 30-2500 MHz    <1.20

1m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m, 35m, 40m, 45m, 50m


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